The History of the DevelopmentStatements
The History of the Development:
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  • Started as Sales Department of ASIA-PLUS media holding in August 2002


  • Feb 2005 – Total Advertising Group /Tajikistan/ was founded as a "full service" agency. The number of employees are 13 persons. Building of strong relations with Mass Media sellers.
  • Apr 2005 – research department was separated & renamed EuroMediaCom. (KTM) - agency specialized in media & marketing consulting and research.
  • June 2005 – started its activity in Turkmenistan.
  • In September 2005 KTM (ex. EuroMediaCom) started to collect ads data (monitoring) from main TV channels, print media & OOH.


March 2006: Number of employees are 19. To increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns of our partners and customers, we created a BTL division. Since inception of BTL unit Total Advertising Group conducted more than 120 successful projects in all major cities and regions of Tajikistan. We used the following BTL techniques:

  • trade promotion;
  • consumer promotion;
  • direct marketing;
  • special events;
  • guerrilla marketing;
  • sponsorship;
  • POS materials;


June 2007: To support and increase customer loyalty for one of our customers we have organized special event – visit the famous Russian musician «Dj Nill»;


August 2009. The number of agency employees became 25 people. According to the order of large Kazakh company we have successfully developed a video spot. Further, this video was posted on the Kazakh media market;


October 2010. The successful job of the production of video spot for Beeline Tajikistan, in conjunction with an advertising agency «Lowe Adventa Moscow»;


  • January 2011. Signed a partnership agreement with the company "Meyl.Ru". Under the agreement, the agency can place promotional materials on social services and on exclusive rights;
  • March 2011. The number of agency employees are 35 people. The beginning of activity in Afghanistan;
  • May 2011. Running Branch Total advertising Group in Sugd. Number of employees are 39 people;

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Your advertising investments are ought to pay off with most beneficial effect. This is our top priority objective. The knowledge, experience and proper tools we possess make it possible to bring maximum benefits to our customers.

Just like in healthcare and construction it is vital to apply expertise, tools and techniques wisely. (Unless you don’t mind cutting off your fingers)

Marketing is a science. Advertisement is a part of marketing and therefore requires a solid scientific approach.

Keep in mind afore mentioned ideas when choosing a partner to manage your investments.

To maximize your ROI, take time to choose an advertising agency with care. (Yep, the one that cares!)

Marketing is a science. Advertisement is a part of marketing and therefore requires a solid scientific approach.

We do care! And we do feel responsible to bring you all the benefits for every penny you spend for ads.


1. We build our strategies based on research. TAG has an access to valuable information from monitoring data regular marketing and media research.

2. Looking for professionals with priceless experience? – We’ve got them for you!

3. Long years of operations in markets like Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan trained us to fulfill any complicated task set by our customers. Addressing daily the peculiarities of consumer behaviors on these markets we have sharpened our knowledge and solidified our experience.

4. With TAG, You get the best media buying terms. We are the largest buyer of media capacities in CA (or Tajikistan?). This means our customers can enjoy the most cost-efficient terms on ad placement.

5. Choosing us, You take advantage of the administrative resource we have been building during the years of successful work.

Marketing is a science. Advertising is a hard science… We make it easy!

The ideal project:
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When working on each project we strive to deliver beyond the expectations of our customers. The following key points are vital and provide for ideal fulfillment of a project.

Proper planning – Clear purposes, appropriate instruments, feasible terms and deadlines. Hard agreements with both customer and subcontractors.

The tasks are accomplished in time.

At the end of a project we prepare the regular report, analyze mistakes and provide post-project service.

The results are better and beyond the customer’s expectations.

The staff engaged in a project has gained new knowledge and skills.