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Any kind of sophisticated and complex projects in scope of marketing and communications can be handled by our team of professional and experienced managers.

We’ll take care of any crucial routine work, so you can focus on development of your business.

We’ll manage your projects to achieve the best results following the process described in our Ideal Project Statement: go


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Our mediaplanning service has access to monitoring databases and information from regular marketing and media studies. These tools help us properly analyze competitor activities, optimize ad investments, and generate efficient plan for promotional campaign.

BTL Department:
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Our highly mobile and creative team can deliver your message to people in all major cities of the country in shortest time. Well-maintained relations with a network of subcontractors and local authorities help us mitigate obstacles and efficiently arrange vivid and large-scale events.

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Placing ads efficiently in Tajikistan can be quite tricky and complicated. For example: It may take indefinitely long time for regulators to approve promotional materials. However, our customers are quite familiar with a smooth and quick process of settling all necessary permissions and paperwork.

Unilateral violations or variations in agreements by local counterparts. Often agreed upon media-plans are treated as recommendations instead of as being integral part of agreements made.

Due to the lack of an industry-acknowledged researcher, the media owners tend to violate the agreed media-plans. To their own advantage, of course.

However, having the access to the monitoring database of KTM our specialists can protect our customers’ interests.

The carefully tuned systematic approach, rich experience, and significant administrative resource available to TAG’s mediabuying service will allow you to mitigate afore-mentioned risks and get the best terms and conditions for ads placements.

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The staff here at TAG has gained an invaluable experience and knowledge about peculiarities of consumer preferences and behavior in ambiguous markets of Central Asia and Afghanistan.

This expertise helps our clients to target their messages precisely on potential consumers. Our wide network of partners allows for a quality “execution” (or implementation?) of chosen concepts.